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Roasted Snow!

Looking for a unique Christmas present? Warm Hearts Coffee Club presents their limited edition “African Snow Coffee”. Several months ago we teamed up with a traditional Yuki-Muro (snow storage room)in Yamagata. Coffee beans stored in snow experience a change in their taste profile over time. This unique batch limited edition has come to maturity for Christmas and will be roasted to order in Tokyo each Thursday leading up to Christmas. Order Now!

African Snow Coffee (beans) 100gm

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A Christmas Aperitif

Surprise your guests & serve a Malawian non-alcoholic aperitif this Christmas! Simply brew our Limited Edition Hibiscus, Passion & Peach White Tea for 2-3 minutes, cool & serve on ice. A wonderful single estate white tea blended with smallholder grown red hibiscus & rosehip. Order now for a memorable Christmas experience!

White Hibiscus, Passion & Peach 50 gm

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Limited Edition: Pearl Cocoons!

A truly unique gift for tea lovers! A hand-twisted white tea from Malawi that’s perfect for multiple brewing. Perfect for Christmas- simply pour & unwind with the tea leaves. Hand-picked, hand-rolled, FairTrade tea from Malawi. Why drink anything else? LIMITED Stocks Order NOW!

Zomba Pearls Tea 45gm