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Roasted Snow!

Looking for a unique Christmas present? Warm Hearts Coffee Club presents their limited edition “African Snow Coffee”. Several months ago we teamed up with a traditional Yuki-Muro (snow storage room)in Yamagata. Coffee beans stored in snow experience a change in their taste profile over time. This unique batch limited edition has come to maturity for Christmas and will be roasted to order in Tokyo each Thursday leading up to Christmas. Order Now!

African Snow Coffee (beans) 100gm

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NOW OPEN! Order Fresh Coffee

We Are OPEN For Business!!
Our 1st EVER Roasting date is Thursday 26th of April!! Order now as any orders made after Sunday 22nd of April will be roasted & delivered on the 10th of April due to Golden Week holidays. Enjoy your time off with fresh coffee from Malawi!

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Welcome to Our Coffee Club!

Starting April 2018 The Warm Hearts Coffee Club is a community of coffee lovers based in Japan supporting organic & fair trade coffee growers in Malawi. Our members share similar tastes & a shared commitment to changing our world. 100% of our members fees are given as a donation to an NGO (Seibo Japan) to provide school meals to children in need. Join the Warm Hearts Coffee Club TODAY!
“With Enough Coffee, Anything is Possible!”