Subscription Coffee/Earl Grey/Black Tea 3 Pack

From: ¥3,000 / month

100% Malawian
1 x Malawian Arabica Coffee- 100gms
1 x Satemwa Earl Grey Tea- 100gms
1 x Satemwa Black Tea- 100 gms
※Teas are Loose Leaf
100% FairTrade Certified

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※For Twice Monthly Orders we charge monthly & deliver every 2 weeks.
Orders Placed Today will be Roasted/Shipped on Thursday 4th June



A Regular Order of 1 x Coffee & 2 x Teas (Black/Earl Grey) from Malawi
The best of Malawi delivered to your door- the Warm Hearts Selection Pack contains 3 x 100 gm packs: 1 x Malawian Coffee (Ground or Beans), 1 x Satemwa Black Tea (Loose Leaf) & 1 x Satemwa Earl Grey (Loose Leaf).

ALL Products are FairTrade Certified and don’t forget..

Your Warm Hearts Subscription helps to provide hot school meals to over 14,000 children in Malawi daily.

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Ground Coffee, Coffee Beans