Warm Hearts Satemwa Earl Grey 100 gm


Loose Leaf Earl Grey from Malawi’s Satemwa Estate.
A crafted black tea blended with natural Bergamot aroma.
FairTrade certified



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The Warm Hearts Club’s Earl Grey Loose Leaf tea is a distinguished yet powerful brew – can be enjoyed Hot or Cold (perfect for Earl Grey-infused cocktails!) Mix the cleansing properties of Bergamot with the antioxidants of black tea- sit back and enjoy!

For Hot tea steep 1 x tablespoon in 150ml of water just below boiling and steep for 3 minutes or more. Refreshing & Calming. This loose-leaf tea can be steeped multiple times to yield several cups of tea.

And remember!

Your Tea Order helps to provide hot school meals to over 14,000 children in Malawi daily. A cup of tea really does make everything better!